This is going to simplify your life

Smoothic is an advanced platform for software developers, designers, writers, business men, and other people who work with many, extensive files, or in teams, and need to organise their projects. On Smoothic, your projects are automatically organised , and you can manage them by adding collaborators, and creating lists, issues, files, etc. In addition, you work completely in the cloudon Smoothic with powerful file editors. Smoothic provides apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, so you are able to work from all your devices. Programmers have for the first time the possibility to work with an iPad, but despite have all features and capabilities they have on a Mac.

On Smoothic, not only your files are saved in the cloud, you are actually working in the cloud

Work powerfully with your collaborators. Everything is organised on Smoothic.

Your files are saved at a high level of encryption, so that they are absolutely secure.

Organise your workflows and tasks with issues, notes, lists, and so much more.