Everything starts with an idea. Once you have had it, you‘re just a few steps away of having a great, successful project. Smoothic provides capable tools to develop mind maps, and extensive concepts, commited to paper as well as visualised in the form of sketching, and prototyping on paper. Furthermore, you have the possibility to make notes and lists.


You are provided dynamic, authoritative applications to design, and visualise your concepts and sketches in design concepts. These are automatically converted into markup for your web application for example, so that you don‘t have to grapple with markup, and templates at all.


In the progress of actually developing your application, you are able to make to-do lists, as well as to list problems, and take notes, in order to organise your team's tasks. In addition, the work flow can be organised, accurate in every detail. That means, you declare who does which task until which date, this will be visualised in a nice-looking chart. By developing on you project, for instance a book, if you‘re a writer, or a web- application, if you‘re a programmer, every single file is well-organised, so that every change on each file is documented and can be undone. That enables fast, and powerful project management for large groups of collaborators.


Well, this is a feature only considerable for software developers. By accomplishing your project, you have the great possibility to easily deploy it through Smoothic. It is an advantage at this, that it‘s incredible easy to transfer your project from development to production just by clicking a single button. Moreover, it is easy to manage your deployed projects, and add plugins, etc.